Sunday, July 5, 2009

Your recommendations please...

Know of a taco stand that's off the chancla?

Always wanted to try that truck in the bad neighborhood but too scared to without any recommendations?

Just holla at The Inspector!

Please include name and address of taco establishment, as well as your name and city.

Thanks for your assistance...I can't do it alone!


  1. Hey R Dub! I go to Chandler, AZ every year and have a favorite taco place to recommend you for a review if you are in the area:

    Elmer's Tacos
    355 N Arizona Ave
    Chandler, AZ 85225
    (480) 963-6763

    Damn fine Carne Asada...very juicy, no burnt pieces, and full of flavor. Comes with a tasty green sauce, onions, and cilantro. Off the hook. I am an authentic Mexican style taco freak like you and wouldn't recommend some junk. The only downside is the Horchata is a bit watery. But the tacos are top notch.

    Take care,


  2. Hey this is Alan from Lakewood Colorado recommending you Tacos Rapidos on Evans and Federal. Delicious, so check it out and tell me how you like it. Later!

  3. Jajaja Mr. Inspector, in Mexicali take a cab and tell the guy to take you to the Plaza Cachanilla, inside there is a food court that has tacos, tortas sopes, and other restaurants, please give it a try, I woul like to dethrone Nogales, as the best taco location Mr. Inspector, Thank you for your job Inspector but you need to venture a little further down to taste the best tacos en Mexicali!

  4. Tacos Hernandez (taco truck)
    200 block of Vincent Avenue near Workman Street (south of Workman next to gas station)
    West Covina, Ca

    I heard these are some good tacos, been at the same spot for about 15 years & may have to shut down due to city regulations.

    Adam Russi

  5. if you are ever in mexicali, you need to check out an establishment called Las Brasas. the place has been there for about ten years and its the best tacos i've ever had and i've been through at least 7 states in mexico. if you don't enjoy your taco, i'll reimberse you... not really, but i go there every time i'm there.

  6. what's up R.dub..
    man u gotta try
    this awsome stand in down town L.A.
    off of the 110 3rd street exit..
    something completely different.
    1000 1st st.
    on the corner of 1st and Beaudry .
    Los Angeles , Ca.

    1. hell no they suck there tacos are to saggi and there salsa is to much water and there limones no juice and there rabanos are sour no damn good

  7. Yo Yo R dub! You should come to my home town of Yakima Wa. To try are best Tacos! Here is were i think you should go.I am Damian Pulliams Brother inlaw. So you have to come lol Peace

    Salsita Antojitos Mexicanos
    902 S Fair Ave
    Yakima, WA 98901-3434
    (509) 452-9515

  8. man if your ever close to yuma you should go down to Mexicali, Baja California to Machina 501 tacos their really good! just hit me up if you wanna know more!

  9. Hi..i know the tacos that u ate at mexicali were bad but it was in el pueblo. u need to got further down and search for Tacos el Acatlan..there some good tacos i always go over ther just to eat them a 4hour drive 4rm Long beach to mexicali..i dont know exacltly the adress but u need to try them and post a video on youtube to see the rate you give them haha...
    take a mexican partner so you can be able to communicate with them....please do it Please

  10. In case you ever come back to the "DR", check out Taquito Mexicano in La Romana. Its off Libertad street close to the Jumbo supermarket. Any taxi driver or motoconcho will know how to get you there.
    La Romana, DR

  11. Hey there – I’m a taco lover and after sampling many of the trucks around town, I fell upon a hidden gem called LA CASA GRANDE, it used to park up Lankershim a few blocks north of Sherman Way. They had the most succulent meat and tasty salsa, when ordering tacos they came topped with perfectly cooked grilled onions and a delicious bean tostada. I seriously used to eat dinner there 3 times a week; about two months ago I went for my regular visit only to not find it parked there anymore. At first I thought maybe the proprietors were on vacation or taking the night off, so I went to TEXCOCO instead. But after two weeks of attempting to find the truck I realized it had moved to another location.

  12. If you get to Colorado Springs find the taco truck, it is the bomb, minimum 4 1/2 star
    Mike Wells Rockford IL

  13. Dub, if you get a chance, swing by the new joint on Wilmot called "El Taco Tote" You will dig it since you like Carne Asada, they actually GRILL it there! Instead of frying it like most places. Plus delicious home-made grilled tortillas and a huge, fresh topping bar!

  14. Try Taqueria Mi Casita in Chandler, AZ .... it's small, basic, no salsa bar, but they give a lot of meat, the tortillas are good, and the staff very friendly.

  15. Two Hippies Beach House Tacos
    501 E Camelback Rd
    Phoenix, AZ 85012

  16. Pinches Tacos
    8200 W Sunset Blvd
    West Hollywood, CA 90046-2414

    Pricey tacos but they are sooooo good. Check it out!

  17. Tacos Acatlan de Juarez in Mexicali Colonia Loma Linda are the best...You just went to the wrong place..Who eats in downtown Mexicali? Give MXLI another chance in the tacos above!!

  18. please do an undercover taco inspection on Chano's tacos!

    Neighborhood: South Los Angeles
    3000 S Figueroa Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90007
    (213) 747-3944

    I'm surprised you haven't done one already, seeing as that your friend in the review of mariela's taco was wearing an sc sweatshirt!

  19. Hey Dub wassup. you should do a review on TACOS CHEMAS, on whittier blvd in Whittier.
    thanks for your videos, y truly enjoy them being a big taco fan myself.

    God bless!


  20. At Inglewood best taco place to go is at Acosta Tacos try Lax tacos didnt like it but love their Tortas

  21. Hi! The BEST tacos are in Cuernavaca, Mexico, in a neighborhood called 'Provincias de Canada' -- the restaurant is a red and white cafe located on a residential street corner on Calle Yukon... it's called LA GRINGA. They have the best TACOS AL PASTOR in the wooooooorld. hands down. Easiest way to get there is by taxi from the city center.

  22. Hey Taco Inspector , We are wondering if you still have ¨el taconazo real video ¨ (nogales sonora ) because we cannot find it ______ ????

    We love your website !!!


    Botete y Pillo ( Los Taqueros )

  23. No manches, piche gringo ...que buen blog. (that was actually a compliment). keep it up.

    Taquero Vale

  24. que pasa raza. hey r dub, first of all, huge fan, love ur work and recomendations. If u ever get the chance to go to canoga park, ca. u have to try the tacos at the big burrito. they have two roach coaches at lanark park on topanga blvd and the actual restaurant is close by too. maybe two miles away on canoga blvd north of saticoy. try it out.

  25. Hey Mr Taco inspector! how are u doing look i recently opened a family business were we cook nothing but homestyle food we started of with a little menu of Tacos and mulitas and still till now its been our main dish even though everything else we have is delicous i would love for u to come and check my place out. We use for our asada tacos flap meat AKA Ranchera from costco or sams which is usda choice or higher and our tacos are TJ style which are served with onions,cilantro,salsa and guacamole. We take longer to serve because we make our tacos on the spot our mulitas are dilicous and big also i have flour tortilla and corn tortilla for our tacos
    The name of my place is "Los Gordos Mexican Restaurant" 2250 e. palmdale blvd suite A Palmdale,CA 93550 (661)224-2008
    schedule Mon-fri 11am-8pm sat&sun 9am-8pm closed on wednseday for family time
    my goal is to establish the place for my family and i can have a name out there. By may of 2010 we will have 2 years in this business and word to mouth is wat has kepts us here so far!
    You wont be disapointed come and try our tacos and mulitas and you guys are going to love our enviroment everybody is treated equally we make people feel as they are family.
    Thanks my name is alfred

  26. dude i've seen your shows and i love them by the way, but i can't believe you have not been to king taco. there several in l.a., but their el monte and pasadena chains are the best. I DRIVE THERE SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK FROM PALMDALE, CA. AND LITTERALLY BUY AROUND 50 TACOS. BECAUSE I CAN EAT THAT EVERY DAY. THEIR CARNE ASADA ARE THE BEST TOO... THE TACO AND NACHOS ARE 5/5 SOMBREROS IN MY BOOK...


  27. robert save the drive come down to "Los Gordos" at the DMV parking in palmdale look for me alfred you will love my tacos if u like tijuana tacos estan perron chingon. Im going to close the week of new years th,fri and re-open sat.
    Happy new years to every one!!!!!!!!!!!!
    from Los Gordos

  28. For real tacos, of course, nothing like tacos los campas en San Luis Rio Colorado Sonora, but I suggest you try Asadero El Toro in Phoenix. It's right on 17th AVenue and McDowell, right across from the fairgrounds. They're the best out in the phoenix area.


  29. Matthew Riggs AKA (BIG RIG)January 15, 2010 at 6:19 PM

    Hello, R DUB, my name is Matthew Riggs. I live in Lancaster Ca. I grew up in Sylmar, Ca also known as San Fernando Valley. All my life i have had really GOOD TACOS living in SF valley, except when i moved to Lancaster, Ca. Ive had to deal with piss poor taco place out here like Mi Ranchitos! Which i saw your review it was so true!!! Mi Ranchitos is so horrible it do even want tacos after driving passed it. All the other places out there suck badly to! Except ONE! Im so happy there is a NEW place out here called Los Gordos Mexican Restaurant (use to be Los Gordos Tacos)! this is honestly one of the best taco place i have ever been too! Great Carne Asada Tacos! Great unique shrimp Tacos i have never had before. My girl friend is fully Salvadorean and her family even agrees its the best place out in the Palmdale and Lancaster area. Plus the service is Top Notch. I highly Recommend this place, its truly awesome even compared to places in LA. Please take this into consideration. Don't worry its not the nasty Mi Ranchitos!!!!!!!!

    Los Gordos Mexican Restaurant
    2250 East Palmdale Blvd, Suite A.
    Palmdale Ca, 93550

  30. hey r-dub . we need some of your kicking ass review videos...where you at?? hope your not checking out tacos in haiti...and to alfred from los gordos in palmdale, thanks for the invite...the tacos el gordos from t.j. are good too, i wonder if you guys are connected?? don't matter see you soon carnal! si estan chingones, you'll know it's me because im a taco man.. i'll be buying 50 asada tacos like every other day. coronas and tacos all day long.
    robert from palmdale.

  31. Man you should come to Nogales and review El Porfis

  32. You have never been to Salt lake City Utah and now is the time, people are waiting in line for hours to endour the great food of the Red Iguana home of the killer Mexican Food. Check it out

    The Red Iguana
    736 West North Temple
    Salt Lake City, UT 84116
    PHONE: 801-322-1489
    FAX: 801-322-4834.

    Sylvia Salazar

  33. Best carne asada is in Hawaiian Gardens, Tacos San Pedro

  34. Try Taco Boy in Anaheim, California. They won 2010 best Orange County Burrito. This place has been in operation for over 25 years and has been a staple in the Downtown Anaheim area.

    VOTED #1 OC BURRITO! Best tacos in town!

    Check them out on FaceBook. Main locations at:

    895 S Euclid St, 3436 W. Lincoln Ave., 725 N. Anaheim Blvd.

    (714) 535-6073, (714) 827-8292, (714) 491-7156

    Hope you check Taco Boy out!

  35. I dont know how you have not done KING TACO!!!
    Try going to the East L.A King Taco!
    it's like saying you doing burger joints but have not done tommys burgers yet!
    4504 E 3rd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90022
    (323) 264-4067

  36. Hit up Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada in Silverlake, CA for amazing fish tacos!

    Also hit up Taco King in Azusa, CA for some killer chicken tacos with green salsa!

  37. La Yerbita BuenaMay 5, 2010 at 3:22 AM

    Laredo, Texas

    Taco Palenque(Tex-Mex) 9814 McPherson(Try Pirata)
    Tacolare(Mexican Style) 6102 McPherson Road for
    Tacos El Venado(Both) 317 W Del Mar Blvd

    At Tacolare try Al Pastor or Al Carbon on Tortilla Maiz

    At Taco Palenque the Pirata on flour tortilla is really good so is brocheta

    At Venado the Pirata or any taco on corn really

  38. La Pasadita at 1141 N. Ashland Avenue in Chicago. They have 3 restaurants all called La Pasidita within the same block, but the original at 1141 N. Ashland is the best for me.

    They specialize in a simple grilled carne asada taco on a fresh corn tortilla, with options of salsa, cheese, onions, and cilantro. They also offer a great chile relleno taco.
    We in Chicago would like to see how La Pasadita stacks up. I'm a fan of Tito's in LA, and agree with your rating there.

    Kerry from Chicago

  39. Tacos Acatlan in Mexicali, Baja California. Please go back to Mexicali and give them a second chance. Tacos Manolito was a big mistake and made our city look bad. In Mexicali, We have the best tacos.

  40. Tacos Apson across the street from Pueblo Highschool. You cant eff with them and they got some steep competition. They also got this off the chart baked potato, its quaca-loco!!!!

  41. Camarena Taco Truck ... Free tequila infused tacos in Los Angeles, CA all summer long ... email me for details,

  42. Juan Jaime's Tacos and Tequila is a modern stylish Taco shop set in an upscale atmosphere with top notch customer service offering street style Tacos and a large variety of fine Tequilas.

    2510 W. Chandler Blvd Ste 1
    Chandler, AZ 85224
    480.821.JUAN (5826)
    Open Daily 11:00AM to 2:00AM

    20343 N. Hayden Rd Ste 120
    Scottdale, AZ 85255
    480.515.JUAN (5826)
    Open Daily 11:00AM to 2:00AM

  43. BOCA...
    828 E Speedway
    Tucson, AZ 85719

    14 tacos to choose from and everyone is to die for

  44. R DUB aka The Taco Inspector...First let me apologize for whoever recommended THAT HOLE IN THE WALL....taco stand in Mexicali Mexico. One needs to get at least several blocks away from the border crossing to experience good tacos, especially in Mexicali. I lived on the other side of Mexicali all my life and I can say I would really think twice about eating from a taco stand that close to the border. You really need to try other taco shops I'm going to recommend two.

    Taqueria Acatlan
    Av. Calzada Indepencia y Villa Hermosa
    Mexicali, BC Mexico

    Las Brasas
    Blvd Anahuac 801
    Mexicali Mexico

    If you want a guide just let me know.

  45. Some of the best taco's i have ever had.
    Dave's Taco's
    2600 Chester Avenue
    Bakersfield, CA 93301-2015
    (661) 325-4841

  46. Have you been to the taco truck on 17th/Pacific in San Pedro? It's the greatest....

  47. Hola R Dub!...definitivamente los mejores tacos de carne asada son los de Hermosillo,Sonora...te puedo acompaƱar, hay muchas opciones!!...mi correo es speak i little bit english

  48. Mexicali Taco & Co..
    in down town L.A..
    quoted by many the best tacos i've had in my life..
    I think they are open Wed to Sat 8pm till midnight
    1st & Beaudry ..
    ps. love ur videos man. big fan..

  49. I am taking a road trip to Phoenix, AZ and while I'm there I want to hit up as many taco trucks/stands as I can. Do you have any recommendations? please email me at thanks!!!

  50. best tacos by far this hole in the wall in ensenada baja california the name of the place is tacos el nortenio by the placita park (s/w corner). off the hook!!!

  51. the name of the park in the above post in ensenada is parque revolucion. the taco stand is on the corner of Alvaro Obregon and sexta st.
    that's sexta as in 6th st. and yes the tacos there are the sh*t. azada is girlled right there in front of you. fresh salsa, onions, cilantro, raddish umm wish i was there.

  52. la Vacquita Carneceria & tacqueria in Fresno, Cali! its all good...but you gotta try the tacos de carnitas or barbacoa..mmm the best!! in the "NO"

    4633 East Kings Canyon Road
    Fresno, CA 93702-3816
    (559) 251-9737

    7 ta

  53. What happened after June, no more reviews? I was at a place in Tucson that you were at and I do not see the review? Just wondering!

  54. I got busy with school...but will have more reviews, hopefully soon!

  55. KING TORTA CUSTOMERDecember 18, 2010 at 2:54 PM

    You must try these tacos. So delicious and while you are at it try their tortas one of the best places in town!

    King Torta

    4507 Valley Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90032
    Neighborhood: Lincoln Heights

    (323) 222-7006

  56. The new La Costillada in Sedona has amazing Carne Asada and also a Mexican Beef Rib Taco. They are from Hermosillo Sonora and are starting to develop a following in a town known for over-priced food.

    Next time you are in Sedona give em a try... directly across the street from the Red Planet Diner on the 89a in West Sedona.

  57. Watz Up Mr. Taco Inspector. hey if you want some good authentic mexican tacos with homemade corn tortillas and real carne asada which i mean the meat is grilled over charcoal in front of you and it is in doors, on top of that they are served with cilantro,onions,salsa and real guacamole. Also real mexican tacos are small not huge they should be well balance in flavor trust me this place started in the 80's in tijuana which they have 4 or 5 location now they have been in san diego for a while and have 3 or 4 more locations. Also if you like tacos alpastor this is where they have the best tacos alpastor and they are made on the vertical broiler just like in T.J seriously check them out. My family and I drive from palmdale to San diego if not to T.J same taste!!! Now for the name of the taco place "TACOS EL GORDO"
    FROM: alfred nunez

  58. Hey...

    I want to invite you to Feria Nacional de San Marcos in Aguascalientes, MX. The main fair all over the country... we got plenty of very good events, like bull figthing, casinos, fireworks, beauty conests, food, and a lot of drinks. Also if you come I would like you to try my tacos, I have been perfecting the mexican taco 2 years from now. And if you like them we could parntership to open a taco's car van or a kind of restaurant...if you are interested please feel free to contact me at

    my name is Luis Trejo

  59. what up im in phx heres my list
    1. el toro asadero 18ave & mcdowell
    2.tacos california 67th ave & thomas its the lunchera in front of phx marketplace

  60. Hey you should really try these tacos
    You will fall in love!!!

    Tacos Cafe Tijuana
    4117 N. Mission Rd
    Los Angeles CA 90032
    Lorena (323)459-9218

  61. If you really want the best tacos in Brooklyn, NY you should head over to Brighton Beach. Tacos El Rey at 3168 Coney Island Ave(at Brighton Beach Ave)Brooklyn, NY 11235. They have the best most authentic tacos. Especially good are the carne asada and de lengua. We live in DC, but every time we go to NY we have to stop in Brooklyn for the tacos at Tacos El Rey. We haven't found anything else that even comes close.

    Michelle Monje and Moe Cantarero -

  62. HEY R DUB,

    3501 South 12th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85713-5914
    (520) 670-1248



  63. eeiii mister taco inspector... you are funny and you have some pacticular love from tacos, i mean like, eating tacos in london and give 4.5 of 5??? je je je, thats funny dude. but its ok...

    im from nogales sonora and i spend 18 years of my life living there, now i live en mexicali baja california and me making my college (culinary bussiness), but i still going to nogales of curse, all my family and friends live there.
    but if you want to come to mexicali to do some inspections. you call me i will be your driver.

    like all nogales people, we know "el taconaso real", we love it. every weekend my friends and i where there.

    your videos are funny and cool and original.
    but i am not here to talk about your page.

    you see, a good friend of mine, name carlos huerta, he pass me your page and he tell me to see the one on nogales, and then i have this idea.

    i have a gol. and my gol is to bring to sonora the television program 'No Reservations" host by Anthony Bourdain in "travel and living channel" and one of his first stops in sonora, Must be in Nogales and eat tacos in "taconosao real".

    so... i need your help... in order of your help you will be presenting to anthony bourdain the tacos in "el taconaso real". have a few drink and shit like that...

    but we still trying to make this happens
    we are so exited to do this, mi friend carlos and me and are making some investigation to do this also made a facebook page je je je.

    we need you dude
    we need your help

    here is my email

    and you can find me on facebook

    pleace.. contact us. and will be great to met you to... that will be cool... have a drink and home made tacos with taco inspector,

    if for some reason we cant do this, least we make friends doing this

    diego and carlos

    muchas gracias

  64. OK, you may need to up the # of sombreros on your rating system for these:

    Tacos El Gordo de Tijuana - no idea what the address in TJ is but you can visit the US location at:
    689 H St (H St exit just east of the 5)
    Chula Vista, CA
    Adobada is the best I've had.

    Las Cuatro Milpas
    1875 Logan Ave
    San Diego, CA
    Best tortillas you'll ever have.

  65. Visit:

    Tacos and Tarros
    2015 Birch Road
    Chula Vista Ca 91915

    at Otay Ranch Mall in Eastlake Chula Vista.

  66. See their tacos at their website

  67. You have to try the best tacos in all of San Diego, the most talked about tacos in the whole city. San Diego Taco Company has a restaurant by the name of Salud, located at 2196 Logan Ave 92113, website is