Thursday, June 7, 2012


The Taco Inspector has moved to San Diego!

Where has the Taco Inspector been???My sincerest apologies to my Taco-Fanatics, who have been checking this blog for their Taco Reviews and not seen updates for YEARS!  Life has been hectic

Here is the NEW home for the Taco Inspector:  PLEASE GO HERE!

See you soon!


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  2. Hey I a trying to find the name of the 'famous taco truck" in Nogales Sonora. I am worried that it may be no more! ��
    In my pictures I can not find a shot with the full name! But I think I found a review of it by you, that I could find the name of it on and check out what is up with the place.
    It sounds like you are going to review it below, and I will get the name, but when I click on the link, I can not find the "taco truck review" And Name on your site. You have the street correct.
    from Frye Marcos hotel on "Calle Obregon" you walk south down to the 3 rd street on Aguirre "St/calle." look West down the street "2 small intersections" and there it is, Next to, infront of the key cutting stand, ans the big palm tree, there on the corner. with the relatively new "dining bench" bench behind where the grills go. So what is the name of this taco stand?
    all that I have for the name of the stand is "Taqueria El Tacona..." If you can't remember the name, just head on down there and let me know what is up and the name of the place. ��
    I need to know if it is there the next time I take/tell people to go down there. Let me know if the "Avocado sauce" is the right consistency. There was an issue last time. ����

    Thank you, Sincerely,

    Yo Quiero Salsa De Aguacate.

    Searching for The Perfect Taco...One Truck at a ... - The Taco Inspector › ...
    Taqueria El Tio Juan's - Puerto PeƱasco, Sonora, Mexico ... On a street filled with restaurants, stands, carts, and taco establishments of all kinds, ... I gathered up all my paperwork and headed down to the Nogales, Arizona Port of Entry for my 1:30PM interview. ... corner of Calle Aguirre and Callejon Profesor Rodolfo Siordia