Saturday, October 3, 2009

God It's Good Mexican Food - Tucson, AZ

Steve Solares in Tucson, AZ recommends:

God It's Good Mexican Food
Corner of Oracle and Orange Grove
Tucson, AZ 85704
(520) 343-6607

Have you ever ate a great taco and exclaimed, "God, it's good Mexican food!"? Well this place named themselves after that phrase--that's right, "God It's Good Mexican Food" is the actual name of this truck on the Northside of Tucson, AZ. And before you criticize these folks for using the Lord's name in vain, you should watch this video. Or give their tacos a try for yourself. They're so good you will be thanking Jesus!

This episode originally aired Wednesday, September 23rd 2009 on Cox TV-7 in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.


  1. R Dub, nice work!!! saludos de Ensenada.

  2. perhaps they should get a quieter generator :-)

    At any rate, good review!

  3. Yea that generator was annoying but the tacos looked good

  4. I've tried a lot of Tucson Mexican restaurants before, but I have to admit that I've never tried this one. I consider myself a taco connoisseur, so I might have to give them a try sometime.

  5. I really love mexican restaurants in Tucson, AZ. They have some good Mexican restaurants there. I visit my brother there sometimes and we always go out to eat Mexican food.